Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Beatriz & Rosa Darin in Amparo - 1951

As Beatriz moved back in Marilia she and aunt Rosa Darin could travel together. They were often invited to go and visit Valdemar Darin who had been living in Amparo since got married to Zezé Nóbrega in 1948. Valdemar & Zezé had a young boy called João Batista like his grand-father and a daughter called Sueli. Here are some snapshots taken while Beatriz & Rosa stayed over in Amparo.

Rosa Darin & Sueli; Beatriz & João Batista na Caixa d'Agua de Amparo - 24 October 1951.
Zezé Nóbrega Darin & Sueli; Rosa Darin & João Batista at home in Amparo - 29 October 1951.
José Valdir, Sueli, João Batista & Rosa Darin in Amparo - 29 October 1951. 
Beatriz, nephew João Batista & niece Sueli in Amparo-SP - 24 October 1951.
João Batista Nobrega Darin, Rosa Darin, Beatriz Scarpetti & Sueli Maria N. Darin in Amparo - 24 Oct 51.
José Waldir & Beatriz Scarpetti in Serra Negra - 28 October 1951.

Lago do Carusso em Serra Negra-SP; Maria José Nóbrega, Rosa Darin, Betriz Scarpetti, José Waldir, Silvia Nobrega e Fernando - 28 October 1951.

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